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mi Solutions & Consulting GmbH is a mathematically oriented company whose core competencies lie in the identification, formulation, development and implementation of mathematical and statistical solutions. Based near Frankfurt (Main) in Germany, we have helped numerous corporate clients discover solutions to intricate industrial problems by building high-quality custom applications. Our experience includes reliability engineering and system safety, production planning and control, modeling and simulation, process optimization, and supply chain management.

While each project approach is tailored to the client's needs, the following building blocks are encountered in almost any project: problem description and project planning, data gathering and interpretation, analysis and model formulation, software implementation, validation and assessment, project retrospect and presentation, training and support. Every step of the way follows our philosophy of establishing a long-lasting consultancy relationship by delivering quality solutions in time and budget. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we work in close partnership with our clients by constructing small project teams encompassing practitioners in solving problems using techniques from various fields, licensed software developers as well as domain experts. All participants are encouraged and motivated to establish full understanding of the problem by working closely together and communicating their findings, results and analysis on regular basis. This not only reduces the risk of requirements misinterpretation but also ensures rapid and cost-effective development.

The in-house software tools, libraries and know-how form the heart of the developed software solutions. These solutions can be stand-alone custom application (.NET Framework, Java, etc.) or modules inside existing tools like R, Matlab or RapidMiner. Irrespective of the architecture of the software, there is tremendous amount and variety of advanced statistical modeling techniques and the right choice for a specific problem is not always trivial. Our committed, talented, diverse and widely experienced in statistical consulting industry team helps us choosing and refining the right numerical algorithms to get the job done.

Although, many of our clients are Fortune 500 firms, small and mid-sized businesses have also profited from our consultancy.

We listen to our clients, find the proper solution, develop it in a user-friendly application and fulfill the need for on-going support.

Our principles

In order to keep our products and services fresh we constantly challenge what we do, we challenge ourselves to come up with new solutions as well as constantly improve the existing ones. Our innovation edge guarantees us to always be one step ahead of the competition .

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What do we do?

Supply Chain & Logistics

Fully automated analyzing of historical time series and forecasting of demands, resupply times and the linked probabilities. Optimizing inventory policies considering different suppliers, costs, order units, prices, resupply times, customer satisfaction and networks of different distribution centers and hierarchies using mi Solutions's algorithms that significantly extend commonly used standard algorithms.

Production Planning & Control

Plan development that meets demand at minimum cost by maximizing profitability while maintaining a satisfied consumer base. Ensures product delivery in a timely and regular manner as well as reduces inventory costs using the right quantity and quality of raw material and equipment accessible throughout the production. What to produce, when to produce, how much to produce.

Modeling and Simulation

Formulation, development and implementation of ingenious mathematical and statistical models for every stage of the life-time of a new product as well as for the improvement of existing ones. Provides in-depth insight of industrial processes leading to improved decision making, manufacturing and environment impact assessment together with reducing costs amounting from expensive analysis methods, tests and trials.

Process Optimization

Efficient and systematic decision-making which provides benefits of solving real problems while establishing an environment for continuous improvement. Ensures customer's competitive success by minimizing costs and maximizing throughput and efficiency. Track machine KPIs visualizing the impact of optimization on operation and identifying further bottlenecks.

Agile Maintenance & System Safety

Reduce operating costs by eliminating unplanned downtimes. Cut unnecessary expenditures such as overstocked spare parts and poor maintenance scheduling. Predict equipment failures before they actually happen using our monitoring technology. Stop reactive maintenance and start planning tasks days or weeks in advance by simply following warning notification and component alerts.

Quantitative and Statistical Consulting

Formulating the problem statistically and finding a robust and practical solution for the entire spectrum of problem definition, specification, software implementation and appraisal. Consultancy through empirical solutions tailored in partnership with the client for discovering meaningful patterns and developing analytical and quantitative support.


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